The Begining

Brakes Rear
Rear Trailing Arms

Below are the new trailing arms fully assembled with callipers and Goodridge brake hoses. One of the drive shafts needed to be replaced as it had a damaged CV joint.

First stage was to remove the old trailing arms, to do this the anti roll bar links, dampers, springs, brakehoses, ABS sensors needed to be removed. Next the drive shafts were removed from the differential. To loosen the drive shaft bolts the handbrake was engaged, this stopped the drive shafts from spinning while trying to undo the bolts. Once the driveshafts were removed the hand brake cables were removed. To unclip the handbrake cables from chassis the heat shield under the tank had to be removed.
With all that removed the main bolts that hold the trailing arms to the sub frame could be remove, this was no easy task as there is very limited space to work in, but with a bit hard work and plenty of wd40 we managed it.

Old trailing.

Big hole... something is missing….

On the left side the back box had to be removed to give a bit more accessibility to the bolts.

Next the new trailing arms were installed, same as removal just in reverse.

With everything reassembled and connected the brakes needed to be bled. I had planned to replace the brake fluid with some new however the time ran out and it was dark, so we just using some standard fluid.
The brake fluid will be switched soon, at the moment the brakes feel a little spongy so I believe there is still air in the system.

All done