The Begining

Cooling & Wiring
Today the engine cooling system was connected to the internal heater and the main power wiring has been re-routed. I also gave the radiator a good clean inside and out so its ready for use.

With the engine in place it became apparent that the one of the connections from the engine cooling system to the cars internal heater would not fit. The pipe for connecting these parts together was the wrong shape. Patrick suggested that I use the pipe from the old engine. After removing the pipes from the new and the old engine you can see the difference.

The top pipe is from the 1.6 and bottom from the 2.8. After a trial fitting of the 1.6 pipe it was clear that it would fit however it was about 2 cm too long and therefore caused a small kink in the pipe. With the pipe shortened and some help from Fairly liquid the pipe slid on to the engine & heater perfectly.

With that complete the main power wiring need to be re-arranged. Since this engine and engine loom came from a saloon or coupe e36 the main power connector was on the right of the engine bay as those cars have the battery in the boot. The compact has the battery in the front and on the left (as the car is right hand drive, the brake servo & cylinder are on the right).
First step was to remove the distribution block.

Next the engine loom box was opened to expose the wiring. There were 3 main power lines to move around.
1. The starter and alternator wire, this need to be directly attached to the battery.
2. The fuse box power (car), also directly connected to the battery
3. The ECU power, This need to be connected to the battery via a fused link (to protect the ecu)

The two thick wires as seen in the picture above were pulled out of the engine loom box from the right of the car to the left (in the picture right to left). The ECU power was also pulled through and was looped out of engine loom box via the grommet where wires 1 and 2 originally ran. In the following picture you can see the red wire (on the right of the image) looping back and out.

With the engine wiring loom back in place the ECU was fitted and connected. It was a perfect fit in the original mounting. Even the rubber grommet form the ECU loom fit perfectly into the ECU compartment cover!

To finish the wiring I will need to get a battery terminal for all of the positive power connections.