The Begining

Engine In
After a fair bit of jiggling the engine slid in perfectly. We had to temporally remove the left engine mount to let the engine sump swing past. It was very tight to squeeze the engine in with the front cross member in and the bonnet on however it just slipped passed. The left engine mount need to be temporally removed to let the engine sump past. Once the engine was on the engine mounts (which fit perfectly) the back of the gearbox was lifted and the mounts attached to the car. The new equipment means the gearbox mounts are about 20 mm further away from the engine mounts. The gear box mount has 4 sets of holes which means that the extra length can be compensated by using the front set of holes in the gearbox mounts. The extra length also means that the front part of the 328i prop shaft needs to be used as it slightly shorter than the 316i compact one (also the gearbox flange for the 2.8 5 speed has wider hole spacing).

The fuel lines and throttle cable have been attached. A few items are needed to link the rest of the engine. One of the key items will be to replace the one way value to the brake cylinder from the straight one from the original engine to a 90 degree one need for this engine. Also the main power cable need to be moved from the right to the left as the compact has the battery in the front and on the left.

Also the ESW modules were replaced with those from the new engine. This included the key chip reader under the steering column and the ESW module behind the glove box. Hopefully this will work first time without any issues.

Additionally after researching into other people who have upgraded their compact the exhaust plans have changed. The original plan was to use the supplied 328i mid section and have a custom back end made. The new plan is to use a Z3 2.8 midsection and Eisenmann back box for the Z3 2.8. These parts should fit on as it is with out major modification.

Engine bay cleaned ready for fitting the engine.

Engine next ready to go in.

Changing the ESW unit.

Ready to lift the engine in, time to hope for the best that it will fit.

Engine in!

The covers have been given a quick clean. Look nice and shiny

Hook up some of the engine connections, also test fit of the various engine accessories. The air box is going to be replaced with a BMC carbon filter.

A quick picture to show the whole car + engine, (its not a trick hehe)

Bonnet down.. doesn’t look like anything has changed.