The Begining

Engine Out
The engine swap has begun; with winter setting in the sooner the better.

Work start by removing the radiator, electric fan, ignition lead wiring, throttle cable, gearbox switch, Lambda probe and exhaust.

Plenty of space in there for those extra cylinders!

New parts

The 328i exhaust follows a similar path to the cars stock exhaust. Hopefully it will fit into place without any major modifications.

Split the engine wiring from the car wiring, removed the power steering and clutch pipes.

With a lot of help of my brother Patrick, who had a full day of work, then spent 4~5 hours in the dark to remove the rest of the connections to free the engine. This included the Prop shaft, fuel system / lines, engine and gearbox mounts.

Wiring and the ECU hiding in behind the fuse box.

Empty space... some thing is missing Engine removed after a lot of lifting and dropping, it was a real pain getting the engine to swing out, when we pulled the engine forward the prop shaft split in the middle rather than falling of the end of the gear box. The gear lever also caused some problems, but it cleared in the end.

Slight damage on the front of the car as I lowered the car too quickly and the engine hoist got snagged on the number plate and pulled it off. doh the damage is not too bad though, it only requires a new number holder