The Begining

The morning was a cold start.

Goals for the weekend:
-Install gear stick
-Install propshaft
-Install Thermostat & Electric Fan
-Front number plate
-Adjust z3 exhaust to fit car.
-Install Eisenmann

The gearstick install was fairly simple clip in. I borrowed the gearstick from the Sportster. It’s a Z4 short shift.

Next the propshaft went in; for this the rear transmission tunnel support need to be removed and the propshaft centre support dropped. I used the front section of the propshaft from the donor (328) and the rear section from the compact. This was done due to the before mentioned longer 2.8 gearbox.

Thermostat & Electric Fan; Last year I replaced the viscous fan on my 1.6 with an electric fan and variable thermostat. This thermostat was installed inline with a water pipe from the engine to the radiator. Unfortunately this thermostat will not fit onto the new engine as the water pipe diameter is bigger. So I decided to get a thermostat plug for the radiator, this plug is set to turn on at 87C and off at 82C. It fits into the side of the radiator in the stock BMW location. The fan and thermostat were then wired into the car’s fuse box with a relay. This is a very tidy solution compared to the inline water pipe system.

During the installation of the engine the front number plate was damaged. In the UK the Compact has a large number plate holder. As a small modification a US front trim was purchased and the number plate attached directly to the trim.
It’s a shame that I have to put a front number plate on.