The Begining

More Wiring
The extra wiring needed for the mpg gauge was added, the main +ve wires were cut and moved to the correct place and the other engine wiring was arranged to fit the compact.

Adding MPG wire
The first problem was where to get the pins from as the car’s wiring did not include any extras. Luckily there is part of an e30 wiring loom lying around the garage. This is left over from the donor car which was used in the kit car my brother and I are building (link). On this loom had a connector with pins that are 100% correct for the x20 connector (the main engine loom/car loom connector).

Perfect match

To keep the x20 connector protected from water each pin has a rubber seal. A hole was simply cut through the solid rubber seal and the wire pushed through.

There is a metal sleeve that goes with the pin this need to go over the pin before its pushed into place. The MPG pin goes into pin 24 on the x20 connector.

The wire was then pulled through a grommet into the car and over to the dash. Below is one of the connectors from the back of the dash (connector x16). Here a pin was added to pin 21.

Hopefully the MPG gauge will work. (which after testing has shown that it does :) )

The MAF wiring was not long enough to go around the far side of the battery. So this section of wiring was striped out this of the loom and rewrapped.

The image below shows the current layout of the wring, it needed some more adjustment to fit more comfortably.

The alarm was wired into the engine loom. This is one wire from the alarm that connects to the wire from the ECU to injector 1; which on this loom was Brown White. The alarm needs the connection for Intellistart and blackjax.