The Begining


Time to catch up a little with the progress
Last weekend I got quite a few new parts. This included a full service kit which contained:-
- Fuel Filter
- Oil Filter
- Air Filter
- Thermostat
- Water pump
- Spark plugs
- New fan belt (the old one was missing a hole section :O )

A note about the water pump, the M52’s came with plastic impellers,these have been known to malfunction causing the engine to over heat.The impeller in my engine was plastic.

I got a full set of fluids for, engine, gearbox, brakes/clutch and power steering.

There is also a full calliper repair kit. I am planning on rebuildingthe callipers I received from the breakers. These brakes will beequivalent to those from stock 328i apart from the rear disks are solidrather than vented.

The new thermostat o ring turned out to be incorrect and in the processof putting the new thermostat cover on the cover was broken. Arg! SoI’ve ordered another new thermostat cover along with an OEM thermostatand o ring.

The old spark plugs were a little sooty and oily.

New fan belt, this fan belt was really easy to change, as the enginehas an auto tensioning system, simply turn the auto tension with asocket wrench and slip of the old belt and side on the new one.

The gearbox was checked for oil, it was near enough empty.Unfortunately the filler plug had completely ceased, not even the bigbreaker bar would budge it. I had to use a car jack + breaker bar!!!The gearbox oil will be filled later.

Also have some good news, after reading an article BMW magazine aboutthe Nikasil problem. It stated that you can identify engine with thereplacement block with steal liners by a pair shaped steal plate underthe starter. If there is just a pair shape stamped into the block thisis an original block. I’ve not been able to confirm if this is fact yetso it may not be true.

More new parts:-
- OEM thermostat
- Second replacement thermostat cover.
- Power steering pipe + washers

All of these were fitted.

The new power steering pipe was fitted, and all of the washer seals on all power steering connections were replaced.

I got some aluminium dash rings. Below is the new dash with rings andthe original compact dash without rings. Even though both dashes areexactly the same size the rings would not fit on the compact dashcover, the outer dial holes are slightly larger and the rings fallthrough. ( I wanted to use the cover from my old dash as it is inbetter condition, although after a good clean the new one looks fine )