The Begining

Unfortunately the coilovers stick out too far so the edge of the front tyres rub against the bottom spring pads; the below image shows the difference between coilover and regular. It needs about a 9mm space on the wheel to clear, that causes a bunch of other problems with rubbing elsewhere. If I were to raise the suspension it would probably need to go to stock height for the bottom of the spring & adjuster to clear.
Its very close, my previous wheels were 225/45/17 on 7j's and the new ones are also 225/45/17 but on 8j's that extra 2.54cm causes problems.

To solve the problem I decided to replace the whole suspension with Koni dampers & Eibach springs. In addition to solving the rubbing problem the new suspension setup will make the ride more comfortable.
Since everything has to disassembled I decided it would be a good idea to change all of the front ball joints at the same time. The easiest way to do this is to just replace the lower wishbones and track rod ends, rather than having the old ball joints pressed out and new ones installed. As a small upgrade I decided to get e30 wishbones; the e30 ball joints are in a metal sleeve rather than plastic; this makes them last longer & improve the feel of the road, on the down side you lose a little comfort as you feel everything through the wheel.

Koni Dampers & Eibach springs

I decided to restore to the top plate for the springs. They only had a little surface rust, but a good coating of paint can’t hurt.

All of the parts ready for assembly. I decided to get new top mounts to get everything up to new standard.

Fully assembled front damper.

Rear springs and dampers installed (they are always nice and easy to do )

Old dampers & lower wishbones removed. ( air suspension? )

Here you can see the difference between the e36 and e30 wishbones.

All done

New ride height is a little higher than before. It’s far more comfortable on the road due to the progressive front springs.
Thanks to the new ball joints the steering feels like new, its very direct and responsive.