The Begining

x Brace
x brace installation.

Below you can see the original support brace next the x brace.

Riv nuts, washer & 8mm bolt

In the morning I thought to myself I’ll go out and in half an hour maybe an hour tops I’ll have this x brace installed. Just drill out the sub frame holes to the correct size and pop in the riv nuts, then bolt them in.

Well it didn’t quite work out like that. Before going at my subframe I thought I’d do a test run on some scrap metal. After making the hole exactly the right size and hammer in the riv nut it was not possible to compress the nut into place. The riv nut would just spin and not lock in place.
So I decided to weld the riv nuts in place, this would stop them spinning during compression and strengthen their hold.

Step 1, drill out the subrame holes to 11mm. Next the surrounding area around the holes was taken back to the metal ready for welding. Then the riv nuts hammered in, followed by welding them in to place. The results aren’t too pretty but the connection is strong; as before mentioned I have had very little experience with welding. Once I had tuned in the right settings on the welder it wasn’t too bad.

After grinding down the welds the bare metal was given a coat of paint for protection and the x brace bolted up.

All done